The Mākaha Sons have championed the rich heritage of Hawaiian culture, garnering numerous accolades both at home in Hawai’i and across the mainland U.S. This commitment to keeping traditional Hawaiian music alive has not only resonated with audiences worldwide but has also been repeatedly recognized by their peers within the music industry.

The Mākaha Sons have been showered with countless Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, a testament to their timeless discography and their unwavering dedication to Hawai’i’s unique musical identity. In 2007, they carved out a distinctive landmark in the music industry, being the inaugural recipients of the Na Hoku Hanohano award for Best DVD. Three years later, they were celebrated with the Lifetime Achievement Award, further sealing their legacy. Their illustrious journey reached a bright highlight in 2013 when they were honored with induction into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame.

Boasting an impressive catalogue of 22 CDs, their melodious symphonies have resonated in concert halls around the globe. From the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City to performances in Washington D.C., Mexico, Canada, Japan, and even before the President and Vice-President of the United States in Hawai’i, the Mākaha Sons have left indelible imprints on hearts worldwide.

Today, the Mākaha Sons stand proudly as one of Hawai’i’s most esteemed Hawaiian musical groups, continuing to nurture and expand the legacy of the traditional Hawaiian sound. Their distinctive harmonies, rich in depth and vibrancy, resonate uniquely, showcasing their singular creative prowess. On stage, their captivating presence is infused with engaging humor, winning the affection of countless fans across the globe.

Let the legacy of Hawaiian Music continue with founding member of The Mākaha Sons, Jerome Koko who remains as the front-man, vocals, and 12-string guitar along with Kimo Artis, on vocals and electric bass and Hanalē Kaʻanapu on vocals and 6-string guitar. The extremely talented trio vows and adheres to the magic of the classic Mākaha Sons sound, which is a blend of melodic intricacies, syrupy boldness of harmonies, and of vibrant musical Hawaiian storytelling.