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On a page, words and lyrics hang there as just a string of thoughts by a writer. Musicians color these words with their vocal and with their instrumental refrain. Words put to music can move people to feel and think and connect to something beyond themselves, up unto the eternal. Done right, a song can take us beyond the physical world and may bring us to a dream-like state of euphoria. A healthy escapism. In that respect, these words on a page put into song are deepened, are memorable, and are powerful.

The songs on this album were meant to be listened to, to be danced to, and to be reveled in. Hopefully, these songs take you back. Back to a simpler time. To a time where there were less worry. A time when technology and this fast-paced world did not infiltrate our daily thoughts. When the amount of likes you get on social media was an unknown occurrence. The beauty of a time when love, love of our home, our Hawaiʻi, is appreciated and shared through song.

With intent, the songs on this recording are meant to take one on a musical journey which speaks to the heart and to the soul of the listener. Furthermore, the songs are driven by the vitality and the artistry of these brilliant musicians, The Mākaha Sons.

In this album, The Mākaha Sons do this for us. They are the vessels in which we connect to each word of the chosen songs. We hang on their every melody, harmony, modulation, and rhythm. In this recording, the musical journey they take us on elevates us, the listener.

After more than forty years, this legacy of music continues with founding member of The Mākaha Sons, Jerome Koko who remains as the front-man, on vocals, and on 12-string guitar. Kimo Artis, on vocals and electric bass and Mark Yim on vocals and 6-string guitar. The extremely talented trio vows and adheres to the magic of the classic Mākaha Sons sound, which is a blend of melodic intricacies, syrupy boldness of harmonies, and of vibrant musical Hawaiian storytelling.

The Mākaha Sons have revolutionized and persists to define traditional Hawaiian music. Their sound is so mesmerizing, so distinct that many say they can decipher their music from any other artists that exist, or ever-will exist. Their music remains constant, sincere, authentic, and transcendent. Above all, their music is deeply rooted in our Hawaiian culture.

Music of The Mākaha Sons is profoundly personal. Their music is engraved in my mind, my soul, my spirit, my entire being. I can recall every word. Every modulation. Every harmony. Every melody. Every note. Every crescendo. And, every minute nuance of their songs. Their music moves me. It is my hope that their music does so for you.

This album is long awaited.

Hoʻonanea, Kealolahilahi Koko Simpson

Upcoming Shows

Nico's Pier 38

Tuesday June 12, 2018
5:30 PM
Pier 38 Nico's

Aloha by the Sea

Saturday June 16, 2018
7 PM Start Time
West Bay Conference Center

Nico's Pier 38

Sunday June 24, 2018
5:30 PM
Pier 38 Nico's

Kalama Heritage Festival

Friday June 29, 2018
5 PM Doors Open
Kalama, WA

An Enchanting Evening

Saturday June 30, 2018
700 PM Start Time
Bellingham, WA
(360) 319-3601

Highline Performing Arts Center

Sunday July 1, 2018
730 PM Start Time
Burien, WA

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